Milestone: the first implementation of our security framework is a succes!

January 26, 2018

Last week, we finished the first full implementation of our security management framework! A major milestone for us and we couldn’t be happier with the results.


Our launching customer Justdiggit now has a future-proof security framework that prepares its employees for travel abroad. It is unintrusive in day-to-day operations but provides all the necessary tools to solve any unforeseen crisis.


The experienced nature of Justdiggit's travellers and its core business asked for a flexible framework that allows Justdiggit to seize opportunities, not stand in the way of them. It is designed to improve the focus on Justdiggit's mission, by having confidence and security in their work abroad. This way, it is an enabler, not a hinderer.



The framework supports travellers in all stages of travel. It lessens risks and provides the tools to solve incidents. It assists travellers with pre-travel checks, security briefings and basic training. It provides travel insurance for all who are travelling in name of Justdiggit and gives access to an emergency hotline that can assist in solving any incident you can think of. On return, it automatically asks travellers for feedback and valuable local knowledge. This way, everyone at Justdiggit helps to improve the framework.


The framework as a whole adheres to the worldwide ISO 31000 standard and helps Justdiggit fulfil its moral and legal duty of care.


A companion document provides practical know-how for the travel manager in charge of the framework. An added benefit is that it also improves continuity, in case the travel manager position is filled by someone else in the future.



This is what Niels Dierckx, director programs at Justdiggit, has to say about the framework:


It is important as an NGO with worldwide operations in non-western countries, to prepare our personnel for the possible risks they will encounter during their work. Well prepared employees have a greater focus on their important job, knowing that they are safe and secure.


Dispatch consulting plays an important part in this for us. They not only implemented a security management framework that’s integrated into our existing organisation, but they also train our people, give acces to security briefings and even improved our company wide travel insurance.


We are very satisfied with this: there will always be risks, but we know we’ve minimised them thanks to Dispatch consulting.


Niels Dierckx

Director Programs





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