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Safety & security 


While it is clear that developing countries are full of opportunities for NGO’s and businesses alike, it is also clear that they present a riskier environment with higher crime, bad roads, dangerous neighbourhoods or worse. 

Our safety and security training ​is aimed at preparing you, your colleagues or volunteers for working and travelling in developing countries. Our experienced trainers are ready to help.

Training goals

The training aims to lessen travel risks and supply participants with the necessary skills to deal with incidents, so that you and/or your team can go further with confidence.

Advantages for individuals
  • Complete training from security awareness to first aid, all in one day.

  • Practical, not just theory.

  • Trained by experts.

Advantages for organisations
  • Modular setup, you can adapt it to your wishes. From a quick refresher to a full two-day course. 

  • On a location of your choosing.

Interested for yourself?

We organise regular training days throughout the Netherlands. For more information and to apply, look here

Interested for your organisation?

Are you interested in our training for your organisation or do you want more information on any of the modules? Please feel free to contact us by phone, or fill out the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible. 

More information

The modular character of our training allows you to select your own preferred package. This can consist of a full two-day course, which covers everything from dealing with armed robberies, first aid and specific regional and cultural aspects of the countries of your choosing.


Alternatively we offer a quick refresher course which helps you and your staff to stay aware of the risks and dangers of operating in developing countries and to deal with these in a safe and secure way.

It is possible to give the training on a location of your choosing. Below are the modules we offer. Training days we organise on external locations consist of the security awareness, security in the field and first aid modules​ and take one full day.

Duty of Care

One key aspect of an employer's Duty of Care is the obligation to prepare employees for the risks they might face. Our training aims to fulfil this obligation. 

For more information on the Duty of Care, click here.

Training modules
  • Security awareness module. The foundation of our training. Preparedness starts with awareness. Questions like why security is important and what the duty of care is are answered. We also take a quick look at the changing circumstances abroad. (1,5 hours)

  • Security in the field module. We cover all the basics, from pre-travel preparation to post- travel care and everything in between. We teach how to spot, avoid and deal with common challenges like police checkpoints, robbery, car accidents, managing stress, Standard operating procedures (SOP's) & Contingency plans (CP’s) and what to do in case of emergency. We end with an interactive game. (5 hours)

  • Country & culture module. We take a deepdive into one or multiple countries of your choosing to learn more about their culture, economy, history and geography. (1 hour per country)


  • Security organisation module. This model studies the organisational aspects of security like risk analysis, crisis management and post- operation care. Understanding these basics will improve your organisation’ security culture. Should tie in with your security policy. (2 hours)

  • First Aid module. Basic first aid field skills. Trained by certified external partner. Aimed at basic skills needed far removed from hospitals. (4 – 8 hours)

Our team

Our trainers have years of experience in developing countries, off the beaten path. Be it for military operations, personnel support or just personal travel, together we've visited and seen more countries than we can count. 

Our goal was to use our combined experience to create a complete and immersive training that covers all the bases and prepares attendants for whatever they might encounter. 

For a personal introduction of our trainer team, look here.