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Dispatch provides comprehensive solutions for your organisation's need to manage the security of your employees abroad. We can provide all the tools needed to fulfil your moral & legal Duty of Care, boost and protect a solid company image and limit financial risk.

The Training

Security framework

A full toolkit to fulfil your organisation's Duty of Care.

The security framework provides all the tools needed to fulfil your moral & legal Duty of Care, boost and protect a solid company image and limit financial risk.


Every organisation is different. Adapting the framework to your organisations’ specific needs is possible and even advisable. The final product will be a framework that is fully integrated into your existing organisational structure and is operated by your own employees. 

  • Tailored to your specific needs and organisation. 

  • Fulfil all aspects of the Duty of Care.

  • Designed to have as little impact as possible on day-to-day operations.

  • Independent of (expensive) external organisations.

  • By covering all security aspects of the framework, you improve the focus on your mission. It is an enabler, not a hinderer

  • A one-time investment to:

    • Improve your employee's safety.

    • Improve your organisation's professional image towards partners, governments, donors or investors.

    • Avoid financial surprises. 

Shared security advisor

To support your organisation.

If it happens that your own employees don't have the time to take up an extra task like security, we can help. 

With a shared security advisor you get a part-time specialist that can help you for a week or a year. 

He or she can quickly and efficiently help your organisation fulfil its security needs.

Security scan

Not yet completely sure how the framework would aid your organisation?

If you're not yet completely sure how the full framework would aid your organisation, you can also opt for the security scan. 


With it, we will review your current travel & security policies and deliver a document with risks, recommendations and an implementation proposition for the Dispatch security framework. 

  • Review current travel & security policies.

  • Risk analysis of all project countries.

  • Implementation proposition for the Dispatch security framework.


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