Tailor-made security management solutions for small- and medium-sized organisations operating in developing countries

Is your organisation operating in developing countries? 

Whether your organisation operates in Sudan, Pakistan or Honduras, it is clear that developing countries are full of opportunities for NGO’s and businesses alike. At the same time, they present a riskier environment as a result of natural disasters, higher crime rates, political upheaval or worse.

Our goal is to help minimise adverse effects from the latter, so that you can increase your focus on the former. 


Our Services

Whatever your security needs, from one-time advice to full security framework implementations, our services can aid your organisation. 



Assistance with risk analysis, ISO 31000, ISO 27001 and ABDO 2017 implementation.

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Safety & Security



Prepare yourself, your colleagues or volunteers for travel in developing countries. 


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Comprehensive solutions for your organisation's need to manage the security of your employees abroad.

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Why Dispatch?

Although it is impossible to negate all risks, we can help prepare employees for the risks they face during their travels, give guidance in how to minimise those risks and give actionable solutions to lessen the effects of unavoidable incidents. Whether this comes in the form of the assistance with implementation of a full security framework, a training, or just some advice, we can help. 


We use our expertise to help you map, manage and lessen those risks. Our solutions are high quality and tailor-made to fit your specific needs. Our aim is to give you and your organisation the confidence to go beyond.

We have made it our goal to provide your organisation with the confidence needed to safely perform its mission. With our help and support your employees are better prepared for their work abroad, which enables them to maximize their results and impact.

"The fundamental conclusion that can be drawn from the court case is that duty of care is a legal obligation that organisations in the international aid sector must adhere to and that they must do so to the same standard as any other employer."

- A review of the Dennis v Norwegian Refugee Council ruling, European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) 2016



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October 11, 2018

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Our philosophy

Security management should be about enhancing your organisation's mission, not limiting it. It is a sum of its parts. We see it as a house, where the roof is being held up by four pillars: strategy, structure, system and culture. Each pillar is vital in holding the roof up.


Our job is to help you build and maintain those four pillars, so that you can carry your mission further.

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The Team

Through experience working with and at multiple NGO’s and startups, we know that security isn’t always at the front of an organisation's mind. Employees are busy and time is a luxury most don’t have. Nevertheless, it is an essential part of every organisation. We're convinced that organisations can no longer do this ‘on the side’.


Security management should be about enhancing your organisation's mission, not limiting it. With Dispatch, we want to help organisations bring clarity to their security management, help minimise risk for their employees abroad and enhance the ability to seize opportunities. 

Meet our trainer team here.

Our goal is to support your mission. 

Koen de Brauw

Senior security advisor, founder

Thijmen Hamer

Senior security advisor



It is important as an NGO with worldwide operations in non-western countries, to prepare our personnel for the possible risks they will encounter during their work. Well prepared employees have a greater focus on their important job, knowing that they are safe and secure. Dispatch consulting plays an important part in this for us. They not only implemented a security management framework that’s integrated into our existing organisation, but they also train our people, give access to security briefings and even improved our company-wide travel insurance.


We are very satisfied with this: there will always be risks, but we know we’ve minimised them thanks to Dispatch consulting.


Niels Dierckx

Director Programs



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